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Catering for businesses of every kind, including auditors, healthcare practitioners, legal professionals and more, our commercial office spaces provide a welcoming environment for clients and employees alike.

Our properties

Tudor Chambers

tudor chambersOffices

Work at the bold red brick building, a landmark on Church Square. Tudor Chambers with its old-world charm and Victorian-style architecture was at one stage the tallest building in Pretoria.



Midtown is perfectly located in the heart of the city and is adjacent to the newly built Tshwane House and Reserve Bank.

Centre Walk Commercial


Business property made to measure. With almost 10 000m2 of commercial space available, it’s earmarked for tenants with specific needs.

Protea Towers


This Art Deco heritage building has an institutional feel to it with wood and marble finishings. Protea Towers was built in two phases, the first commencing in the 1030’s and the second in 1964.

A Place Full of history
That lives again

City Property loves the city of Pretoria. Through the company’s various urban renewal initiatives it seeks to capture the inner-city spirit of Pretoria and let the old city live again in the splendor of the new South Africa and the culture of its people.

A place full of history that lives again